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 What are trusted members(TM)

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What are trusted members(TM) Empty
PostSubject: What are trusted members(TM)   What are trusted members(TM) EmptyMon Mar 17, 2008 3:13 pm

A trusted member is someone who has shown they are a true part of the WR-H community and plan on staying to help / discuss anything possible. If you believe you're a trusted member, then check the trusted member requirements at the bottom of the index page of this forum. You must meet the current post requirement and be voted in by current trusted members. Trusted members get access to trusted member hacks and discussion. Hacks within this section tend to stay undetected. Spamming the forums will get you a post count, sure. But members will notice your spamming, and you won't get in! Not only that, we'll probably ban you. Good luck.

Minimum post requirement of 100

Post in this board with a poll. The poll should have two options (Yes and No). The administrators will check your post to see if you did the correct format for your post and if you have the minimum post requirement. If you fail the post count requirement, fail to put up a poll, or you have not been on the forum for at least a week, your post will be deleted without warning.

Getting in..

Poll will be up approximately 1 week
50% or more must vote Yes
Only other trusted members can vote/reply to the post.
Must have been a member here for at least a week.

Remember the board rules. Multiple IPs will be caught.


Also to help your chances try releasing at least 3 hacks.

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What are trusted members(TM)
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