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 [TuT] No Reload

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PostSubject: [TuT] No Reload   [TuT] No Reload EmptySun Jul 27, 2008 9:21 am

1. Okay, first go to this site and download this Memory Hacking Software. Its pretty new, so it gives no kicks from Combat Arms yet.

2. Then open it and it will give this popup asking you if you wanna rename it so it stays UD longer. You don't need to do it, but I would do it anyways.

3. Then, open Combat Arms and login and all that crap.

4. Go back to your MHS(Memory Hacking Software) and click file, open process. Look for a process called Engine.exe. It should have a little description by it that says Combat Arms. Make sure its Engine.exe

5. After you have attached it, go back to Combat Arms. Take out your standard 1st Slot weapon, or the default machine gun you start out with. Look at the ammo. It should look something like 30/90. This is just an example. Now DON'T SHOOT!! Go back to the MHS and click on the little magnifying glass. Not the double magnifying glass, but the single one. Leave everything alone, don't uncheck anything or do some shit to it. Now input the value of your ammo, in this case its 30. Then search. A lot of results should come up. Don't worry.

6. Go back to Combat Arms and then SHOOT ONCE!!! Your ammo should be one less, in this case it should be 29, since 30 shots minus 1 shot equals 29, no duh. Alt Tab back to your MHS and then click on the DOUBLE MAGNIFYING GLASS!! Input the new value, which is 29 in this case. Remember, don't change anything. Search for the new value. If done right, it should say found one, eliminated like some number(its different each time you do this).

7. Double click it and then it should go to the big box in like the center of the MHS. Click on the address and then click on the little lock button near the top. The little ball looking thing right by the address should turn green. Green=locked, Red=unlocked. Locking the address means freezing it.

8. Go back to Combat Arms and the try shooting. The ammo shouldn't go down, and when your clip is empty, you will see that you don't need to reload, but you clips automatically decrease. THIS IS NOT INFINATE AMMO!!! This only allows you to not have to reload everytime your clip runs out of ammo.

9. Enjoy and go pwn some noobs.

[TuT] No Reload 2eklpja
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[TuT] No Reload
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