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 [TUT] How Not To Get AFK Kicks

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[TUT] How Not To Get AFK Kicks Empty
PostSubject: [TUT] How Not To Get AFK Kicks   [TUT] How Not To Get AFK Kicks EmptySun Jul 27, 2008 7:38 am

up Guys, this is a trick i known its been 1 month, and just wanted to share it with u guys!!!

Not to get kicked for AFK, (not vote kick)

Just enter a game then press TAB, (you know the thing with the Scores)

just let TAB on ur screen and u wont be kiked by being AFK,

thats it!

u can also enter a game in BG press TAB, then go somewhere for 30 minutes, then comeback. u will still be in game!!! (if nobody vote kicked you)

Anyway i get kicked for bein AFK so i dont know about u guys.

Hope This Helps Some People!!!

Credits: Renji513

[TUT] How Not To Get AFK Kicks 2eklpja
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[TUT] How Not To Get AFK Kicks
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