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 PunkBuster Has been Hacked!

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PunkBuster Has been Hacked! Empty
PostSubject: PunkBuster Has been Hacked!   PunkBuster Has been Hacked! EmptySun Jul 27, 2008 7:28 am

So guys... I found this on GamersFirst...

please be warned, that your main account could get banned!!

Originally Posted by GamersFirst

Quote :
Dear customer of GamersFirst,

The WarRock Game server has been hacked and punkbuster has been corrupted causing clans and other users to be banned. GamersFirst has found no solution to this problem, and has deemed that WarRock is to be shut down permanently.

Any purchases to premium or other weapons/Px will NOT be refunded. We apoligise for these unfortunate events which are occuring.

The WarRock server may be fixed, and if so we advise all customers to log off WarRock to prevent banning of your accounts. If you are logged on during this crisis, your account may be permanently banned, and GamersFirst will not be able to retrieve it. Please note that PunkBuster is corrupted and it is under the control of hackers.

- Mafioso
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PunkBuster Has been Hacked!
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