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 How create C++ Hacks

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How create C++ Hacks Empty
PostSubject: How create C++ Hacks   How create C++ Hacks EmptyFri Mar 21, 2008 6:42 pm

1)Open C++,Goto file/new/ MFC app wisard.exe
Make Project name: example = (My trainer), then hit ok
Now it asks you what type of application you want to make(clcik dialog based),hit next
now it asks what features would you like to include(leave same)Next
it asks what other support(Unclick ActiveX Controls),Hit next and finish,it opens a new window, hit ok

We now have our trainer template (or better known as Dialog)

2)Remove the crap on the Dialog(buttons,text,etc.)
Resize if needed
Lets make our trainer load warrock process
Right Click on the dialog,hit Class wizard,new window will open,hit edit code

This is were all the codeing goes
Scroll to the top of code look for this

Quote :
// my trainerDlg.cpp : implementation file

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "my trainer.h"
#include "my trainerDlg.h"

#ifdef _DEBUG
#define new DEBUG_NEW
#undef THIS_FILE
static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;

Quote :
DWORD proc_id;
HANDLE hProcess;

void memory()
HWND hWnd = FindWindow(0, "WarRock");
GetWindowThreadProcessId(hWnd, &proc_id);
void Writelong(long addy, long value)
WriteProcessMemory(hProcess, (LPVOID*)(DWORD) addy, &value, sizeof(value), NULL);

void WritePointerFloat(long addy, short offset, float value)
long maddy;
long saddy;
ReadProcessMemory(hProcess, (LPVOID*)(DWORD) addy, &maddy, sizeof(maddy), NULL);
saddy = maddy + offset;
WriteProcessMemory(hProcess, (LPVOID*)(DWORD) saddy, &value, sizeof(value), NULL);

We have now set the process to warrock(you can use this on any game,just change the warrock to whatever game process)

Lets move on

Go back to your Dialog(Hit window button (next to help button up top),hit My trainer(dialog)

Add a button(click on a button,drag it to dialog)
right click it,hit properties(change the caption,this is the name of the button)
Lets make it Scope On
Now right click it again and hit Class Wizard

When you Highlight BN_CLICKED(Hit add Function button)
replace the highlight part only!!!!!!!(OnButton1),only change Button1 to ScopeOn
so it will look like this(OnScopeOn)
now while we are here in the function for ScopeOn button,lets set the code for our button.Hit teh edit code button

it takes you to this wich is highlighted
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
we will replace this with our code,notice its inbetween 2 astereks or w/e they are

Quote :
void CMytrainerDlg::OnScopeOn()
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

This is what it should look like

Quote :
void CMytrainerDlg::OnScopeOn()
Writelong(0x943A16, 1);

now for off button:

Quote :
void CMytrainerDlg::OnScopeOff()
Writelong(0x943A16, 0);

NOW,lets build our trainer
first we must compile so lets rebiuld (goto the build button,hit rebuild all,uptop)
to see if we have any errors
if you did everything correct as shown(you shouldnt get any errors)
If you get no errors then go back to build button/hit build my trianer.exe
your project will be located in your C++ folder,in my projects.

now we have made a simple scope hack(I know buttons arnt good for scope,this was just to show you how to do it in C++(all the functions are there to make any hack that doesnt need a timer to freeze it.


How create C++ Hacks 2eklpja
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How create C++ Hacks
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